Saleside Services – An Overview


  1. Customer Development
  2. List Building and Validation Phase
  3. Process Optimisation, Growth Hacking, and Tracking
  4. Conference Representation
  5. Sales Automation and Data-Driven Marketing
  6. Mentorship, Innovation Workshops and Training


Benefits Includet?
increase your revenue faster
Save time
Access international business networks with > 3000 companies and partners
Save resources on a fixed payroll
Learn more about your customers and make theme happier so they buy more,refer you, stay with you
Expand your international market coverage faster
Access many years of international sales and business development knowledge and shorten your own learning curve
Find new revenue channels and build strategic partnership faster
Get ready for the future: innovate better, test and bring new business models and innovation to market faster with less risk

The problems you might be familiar with and which we solve: 

  • You think you know what your customers want but you don’t know what stops them
    from buying your product or what they expect from your product?
  • Sales are not flowing well: You seem to not have found out yet who is your “ideal
    customer”, are not sure how to reach them or how to find out who they are?
  • Sales are not going fast enough and your investors are asking for better and
    faster sales results and your first 10, 50 or 100 customers? But you don’t have enough
    sales experience or time to invest in Customer akquisition?
  • You want to sell your product in new strategically important market but you don’t
    speak the language and don’t have any existing Business Network in this country?
  • You are starting to improve your sales management, use Customer Relationship
    Management Systems, Project Management Tools and email marketing tools to make
    your process more efficient and integrated but you don’t know how to integrate your
    tools and processes and set up your automations and ideal efficient processes?
  • You are starting to hire and want to set goals, KPI’s and track the activities of your
    Sales Reps but you don’t know which goals are relevant and how to measure them?
  • You want to learn and enable yourself or your team to grow: how to innovate, develop
    business, make sales faster and better, or how to work like a startup? You need
    someone with broad international experience to give you easy understandable tools
    and techniques at hand.
    The main focus of my Business Development Projects is along the following curve:
    From Customer development, via validation and testing, creating product market fit and
    actually Growth and Scaling

The Growth Phases:

Geographical Reach

Our main operating markets with existing business networks and operating languages (German, Spanish, English) are:

  • Spain
  • DACH: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • LATAM: especially Colombia, Mexico and Chile
  • Southeast Asia: Especially Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia
  • US: Especially San Francisco and New York                                                                                                Other locations are possible on individual request. Contact us for further questions.


Our main experience is in the following industries working with Growth-Stage Startups and medium-sized companies

  • Technology and SaaS Models, especially platforms and B2B
  • Sharing Models
  • Lifestyle e.g. Fashion and Beauty
  • Travel, Business Travel and Hospitality
  • Fitness and Health
  • E-commerce and Retail
  • Content and Marketing