February 21, 2018

Sales Automation Package

Our Sales Automation Package will structure & help you understand your customer’s journey. We’ll create, visualize and implement in a CRM system and a standardized automated sales and marketing process that will:

  • Increase efficiency and shorten your sales cycle
  • Keep track and follow-up better leads
  • Push down your prospects down the funnel faster and more efficiently
  • create holistic workflows integrating all the other tools and systems you are using



To efficiently engage with your customers and shift more focus towards the bottom of the funnel we’ll help you select and implement the right sales and marketing automation tools for your sales process.

1. Mapping out the sales process/ customer journey and CRM Setup 

By interviewing sales team or customers we get a view of the current situation. Then will structure the sales process by defining the key elements i.e. decision points, stages, responsibilities, obstacles etc.

The result: An understandable visualization of your ideal sales process, prospecting journey and CRM pipeline stages.

We define the CRM requirements relevant for your type of business and select and set up a suitable  CRM system including your pipeline, fields, and integrations. If desired: We’ll provide CRM training for you and your team.

2. Sales and marketing automation setup  

We’ll identify which steps in your sales process that can be automated, then we’ll setup the workflows and campaigns using the right automation tools and CRM. For example:

  • Lead Captures from website to CRM
  • Invoicing automation
  • Pipeline automation (if the user enters Stage B, X happens)
  • Lead scoring
  • Email campaigns and auto responoses following specific actions
  • Alerts and tasks reminders
  • Smart content and dynamic website automation

3.  Sales playbook and script

It’s important to document your sales process! We’ll help you create your very own sales playbook with different learning chapters and guidelines for new team members. It is a living and growing document that can include

  • Detail explanations for your sales process
  • Identified sales obstacles and how to solve them
  • User/buyer personas
  • Sales script for calls and demos
  • Value proposition and Communication snippets for emails etc.
  • Explanation of the custom CRM setup and hacks