February 26, 2018

Data-Driven Growth

We let your data talk and drive growth for your business.

The goal of growth hacking is to implement a rapid experiment driven and data based mindset into the company culture. Companies like Uber and Twitter run many small experiments in a short time focusing on defined KPIs and scalable growth. Our main objectives is to

  1. Analyze your current data
  2. Find and select methodically the strategic”low hanging fruits”
  3. Create a backlog of experiment ideas in order to improve your main KPIs
  4. Help train, guide and enable your team during the implementation of the growth experiments

To achieve these objectives there will be 3 stages that we will take you and your team through.

Stage 1 : Finding the bottlenecks and AHA moments 

  • We’ll tap into your companies customer lifecycle data (databases, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Excel)
  • Identify the most important action areas and bottlenecks
  • Provide  insights and action recommendations towards achieving growth and on which bottlenecks to focus
  • We’ll conduct user surveys with your most active users in order to decipher their “activation” moments. We’ll produce reports and analysis; as well as recommendations on how we can bring about the “activation” moments to all of your users.



Stage 2: Gather experiments ideas

We’ll organize a company-wide workshop. The end goal of the workshop is to gather action and growth experiment ideas that can tackle the identified bottlenecks – from the people in your company that know the business the best.




Stage 3: Road-map and Execution of growth experiments 

After gathering all the ideas into a complete list of growth experiments,we’ll prioritize them and create an execution plan with success metrics, guidelines and timelines. Now it will be time to execute the list. There are two implementation options

  1. We run the implementation experiments for you
  2. We select a growth manager with your company and enable them to implement the experiments. We’ll also conduct weekly statuses to check in with the growth manager and see their progress.