March 5, 2018

Customer and Market Research

Our main goal for customer and market research is to aid your business in discovering and validating the right market for your products, building the right product features that solve your customers’ needs, test the correct model and tactics for acquiring and converting your customers, and deploy the right tools and resources to scale your business.

The end result is your business becomes highly focused, capital and resource efficient, as well as finding Product-Market Fit and market traction.

There are three phases we go through.

Phase 1: User interviews and user surveys

We’ll help define your buyer personas, stakeholders and other potential segments that can help improve your sales.

Through interviews, surveys, and analytics we want gain both qualitative and quantitative insights on your customers needs, problem solution fit, customer validation, their  AHA Moments, satisfaction etc.



Phase 2: UX  testing

Collaborating with your companies team we’ll test prototypes and other possible solutions with your customers. Through testing we’ll identify the UX obstacles, understand and explain user behavior.





Phase 3: Market and competitor research 

We’ll collect and analyse information about your market, including your customers and competitors. It is vital to research any new market you are moving or operating into to avoid wasting time and resources on new products or projects.