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OUR Services

Sales Starter Package

We’ll dive into your sales, customer and business operations in order to define key phases of your sales process. We’ll also select & setup the CRM system and automate selected Sales and Marketing workflows to get your sales going.

Growth Tracking & Dashboards

Visualize your growth in dashboards and convert your data into actionable intelligence. Without IT development we will setup dashboards with your growth metrics in no time – so you can easily collect, track and analyse your data.

Data-Driven Growth

Ready for growth? We’ll map out and analyse metrics along your customer journey, and develop a lean strategy for your business growth. We develop, based on data insights, an actionable list of marketing, sales, & product improvements for scalable growth: increase conversions, reduce costs & create loyal customers.

Customer & Market Research

We can get you more insights on your users and customers by running in-depth surveys, experiments, interviews and UX texts. This will aid you to validate your ideas, develop better sales and marketing processes, predict your business’s future needs as well as evolve your product offerings.


Big Data is not just for big companies. You too can start to unlock the secrets of growth with the right insights into your own business
We help startups and SMEs use data insights to find the fastest pathways towards growth

Our team and partners

Juliana Méndez

Founder & CEO
Juliana is the Owner of SaleSide and a hands-on sales & growth consultant and service Provider with a strict user research and data analytics driven methodology.

Emily MaRee

Growth Strategist
Growth strategist who believes in quantitative data supplemented with qualitative reasoning is the key to growth.

Matias Ketonen

Data & Growth Analyst
With my diverse skill sets in marketing, sales, developing and analytics, I help companies get more customers.

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