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Interim growth leadership

I’ll be your Interim CMO or VP Growth and will lead, build up and coach your growth and marketing teams to be more data focused, impact oriented and efficient. I build up processes to align strategy, planning and daily activities. I’ll help to recruit and bridge the time until you find your next full-time hire.

B2B SaaS Growth Marketing Strategy

Ready for growth? We’ll analyze your customer journey, identify your levers and develop a model for your business growth. We develop an actionable list of marketing, sales, & product improvements for scalable growth: increase conversions, reduce costs & create loyal customers.

Product-led growth and positioning

Which Go-To-Market motion is right for you: product-led, sales-led or hybrid? We analyze the maturity level of your product and GTM motion and advise on how to pick and implement the right motion(s) while avoiding common pitfalls. De-risk your business model and enable long-term growth.

Advising for Early and Growth Stage

Get to Product-Market-Fit and grow your SaaS business towards the next milestone with the advice of someone who has done it 50+ times. I share my proven frameworks for leadership and strategy, real life advice and bring in focus and structure. Monthly or weekly advising as well as board membership.


We'll help SaaS companies to find the fastest pathways towards growth and build up powerful and empowered teams
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We advised and generated successfully impact for 50+ SaaS Startups and Scaleups across multiple industries and countries.

Our team and partners

Juliana Méndez

Founder & CEO
Juliana is the Owner of SaleSide and a hands-on sales & growth consultant and service provider with a strict user research and data analytics driven methodology.

Emily MaRee

Growth Strategist
Growth strategist who believes in quantitative data supplemented with qualitative reasoning is the key to growth.

Matias Ketonen

Data & Growth Analyst
With his diverse skill sets in marketing, sales, developing and analytics, He has the ability to help companies get more customers.

Rachel Mzengi

Web & Content Manager
Digital strategist who has the skills to plan and implement campaigns and content across multiple social media and digital content platforms.

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